Buzzbomb – Sixty Miles of Bad Road

Do you like riffs? Really fast, crunchy, catchy, punchy, punk rock riffs? Cause I sure do and BuzzbombsSixty Miles of Bad Road provides exactly that.

This album is very straightforward and simple, nothing to high-concept to be found here. It doesn’t go for anything other than being really cool and fun and it achieves that by way of by way of very strong execution. The production is not too clean, but not too murky either, it works really well with the material given here. The rhythmic section is not very complex, but it lays a solid foundation for the tracks. The fast pace of the drums one is very helpful in setting up momentum. The riffs, as I’ve already mentioned in the intro, are the main reason why I like this album. Again, they are not very complex, but they are memorable and catchy. The vocals are half sung half shouted, which is nothing unique within the genre, but they are well done and the singers’ enthusiastic attitude makes the whole thing feel very fun, even when the lyrics are anything but that (check out Existential Crisis).

I don’t really have that much to say about this album. It is short, but effective and, more importantly, a good time. Also, the album art is badass. I’d read that comic.


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