Song of the summer 2017: „Lucky Girl” by Fazerdaze

There’s no denying it. If you live in the northern hemisphere, autumn is starting to creep its way into our lives again. It’s at times like this that I sit down and reflect on how I’ve spent the summer that has just passed me by and be sad because I realised I haven’t done that much.

Anyways, I’ve listened to a satisfying amount of new music this summer, from a rather wide variety of different genres. However, there was one particular 2 minutes and 52 second song that has been constantly playing in the background of my mind, that I’ve hummed while walking to places and in the shower, that I’ve listened to countless times just to get it out of my head throughout this summer. And if you read the title of this article, you might have guessed that the song I’m talking about is „Lucky Girl” by New Zealand artist Fazerdaze.

There are a lot of things to love about this song. From the lo-fi dream pop aesthetic, to the catchy chorus, to the melancholic and nostalgic atmosphere instilled to the song in part by the retro-ish instrumentation, but especially by Fazerdaze’s vocal delivery. All of these aspects combined, together with the music video, which uses images often associated with summer, like fields of flowers in bloom, blue skies, sea waves, make this song feel like it’s the soundtrack to a lazy summer day.

The one part that doesn’t explicitly scream „summer” are the lyrics. They are rather simple, but pretty effective. The opening verse is an excellent example („Are the walls getting closer/ As I’m getting closer to you?/ And are we falling faster/ Now we have further to fall?”); it encapsulates the emotions you have as you have to confront someone that means a lot to you by using strong imagery that has a familiar feel, like claustrophobia and that feeling of falling down you get when you have stage fright or something similar to that.

The song is basically a love song, albeit the situation the titular „lucky girl” is in is a bit more specific. Although she doesn’t always show her affection for her loved one („I know sometimes I act like I don’t care … about you”) she considers herself lucky because she can be with that certain someone. When the second verse kicks in, we also find about the girl’s fear of losing the person she loves („And the thought of you leaving/ Gets heavier every day”) and her uncertainty about her feelings („And my mind is deceiving/ What is it that I’m believing?”). Then the chorus repeats two times and, before you know it, the song is over. Personally, I love the ambiguity the lyrics leave the listener on. I know other might be bothered by the lack of lack of closure, but since the lyrics aren’t very detailed and present a rather vague story, I really don’t mind it.

I love this song so much, it made me want to listen to the album it belong to, Morningside. And I did. And it’s … ok, I guess. None of the songs are anywhere near as memorable as „Lucky Girl”, but it’s a pleasant listen. Perfect for the lazy summer day I mentioned earlier.

To sum up, I like this song a lot.And the video too.




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