Saor – Guardians – Review

When the average person hears the term „black metal”, the words „relaxing”, „calming” or „easy to listen to” are sure not to be the first ones immediately associated with that term. However, these words I’ve just mentioned are exactly the impressions this album left on me.

This album is part of the atmospheric black metal subgenre, which I happen to enjoy, partially because it has an calming effect on me. This is an aspect reflected in the album cover, with its great use of a color palette of mainly blues. This relaxing nature is, in no small part, due to its folk music elements. The folk elements give the album a mysterious and enchanting allure, but also and epic one. By the end of of it, you’ll feel like you’ve finished an unforgettable journey. Yes, I am aware how cliche is it to say that about an album, but I can’t help if this is how I feel about this record. The traditional black metal instrumentation is not at all harsh, the guitars, percussion and vocals are very melodic. They work with the folk music elements, creating a whole, not against them, in order to show contrast.

This is an album that I could recommend to anyone who likes atmospheric music, regardless of whether they are black metal fans, or even metal fans at all. It just works that well.


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