A Review of „Nine Years” by Mountain Dust

Is it wrong not to look for innovation in every album we listen to? Is craving familiarity something to be ashamed of? In my opinion, none of that wrong, since predictability can offer a comforting sense of safety  that can make a piece of music just as enjoyable as a more experimental effort, and Mountain Dust’s Nine Years  is a  prime example of that.

This album is the best kind of standard possible. It does not bring anything new or special to the table and it’s pretty contempt with following the general conventions of stoner rock, but that doesn’t mean nothing stands out about it. The instrumental part is very well executed. The rhythm section isn’t anything to write home about, the drummer and bassist help carry the songs without ever distracting from the guitars and vocals. Speaking of which, there are some very neat riffs throughout this album, that unfortunately aren’t the most memorable, but have a certain blues influence that gives the album more of an identity. The best thing about this album are by far the vocals. The singer has a somewhat deep and raspy voice that  makes the album feel retro, but certainly not dated. They have stuck with me weeks after I finished listening to the album. Upon re-listening to it, I have only come to appreciate their uniqueness and the way they harmonize with the music more.

All in all, even though „Nine Years” doesn’t have any major surprises, it is still s highly pleasent listen that is definetly worth a shot. Als, the cover art is really pretty.


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