Quick thoughts on „Stars that Move” by Stars that Move

It’s no secret that most (if not all) stoner and doom metal/rock bands are largely inspired by the music of Black Sabbath, especially by the sound of Master of Reality. „Stars That Move” by the band with the same name is no different, as previous work of theirs suggests. However, this album has quite a lot personality. It manages to capture the spirit of Black Sabbath through fantastic guitar riffs and prominent bass lines, but it create something unique at the same time. The vocalist has a hauntingly beautiful voice that works very well with the instrumental part, creating a sort of dark, but comfortable atmosphere. Surprisingly my favourite song on the album is the last one, which is a musically and lyrically emotional acoustic ballad. I may be overrating this album, seeing how I love this style of music a lot, but I honestly think it deserves a listen, as isn’t even half an hour long.


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