A few words about „Ode to the Author” by Toska

I have a rather bad habit of choosing what albums to listen to based on their album covers. I usually try to make assumptions about what said albums sound like based on stereotypical ideas in my mind gained after indulging in one particular side of music for a while. So, after taking a good look at the picture that si supposed to represent the sound, ideas and intentions an artist is trying to convey with their body of work, I start anticipating whether I’ll enjoy it or not. Obviously, I tend to be drawn to certain types of images, as I know what to expect from the music behind them. However, I also love being surprised, not knowing what what will come next. That was the case for this album as well, partially.

There is something intriguing about „Ode to the Author”‘s cover. It could be a cover for any sort of album, not necessarily a progressive metal one. Needless to say I was not sure what I was going to experience, but when the first song started, I was pretty sure of what I was going to get.

I generally like instrumental albums such as this one and I liked this album too. It went to a pretty wide variety of places with its sound, but not too far to leave its „progressive metal” tag behind. It never felt predictable and I can’t say that I knew entirely what I would hear, even though I had a vague idea in mind. I wish it would have explored some riffs and solos to a larger extent and see what the outcome is, but that really is just a nitpick. While I don’t think it’s a great album, it’s certainly good and worth a listen. I’m looking forward to see what this band will release in the future.


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