A short review of Senpai EP by Sithu Aye

„Senpai Ep” is an instrumental album released in October 2015 by British artist Sithu Aye.

I came across this little gem while looking for something to listen to on Bandcamp. It’s cover stood out from all the other ones in the metal category, so I decided to give it a try just out of sheer curiosity. For the most part, the expectations I had going into this were met.

Just by checking out the song titles, you can figure out the artist’s intention of capturing the feel of certain anime tropes\clichés in the songs themselves. The first track, „Oh Shit, I’m Late For School!” references a scene common in anime where the main character wakes up late and rushes to school while still eating a piece of toast. The track that follows, „Senpai, Please Notice Me!” is a sort of ode to the all the people who had a burning desire to get the attention of their much-admired senpai. „The Power of Love and Friendship”, the last song on the EP, is pretty much self-explanatory, as this phrase can be found anywhere, not just anime

The album succeeds in what it’s trying to do, that being to recreate the feeling of the trope it is named after, so well that you could imagine them being part of the soundtrack to an actual anime. With that being said, this is what this EP sound like most to me, background music. It sounds like something you could find in a cheap manga or light novel adaptation. Furthermore, if the listener is not familiar with anime at all, there is no reason to give this EP a try, as the enjoyment value of these songs is solely based on one’s knowledge and appreciation of the tropes used in anime storytelling. 

In the end, I wouldn’t say this is a bad album, not by far. The instrumentation is very nice-sounding, it’s just not my taste. I’d say that you should give it a try only if you wanted to know what a „progressive senpaicore” album sounds like.


This was my first ever review, so I hope it wasn’t too cringe-worthy. I hope you enjoyed it and thanks for reading.



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